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Running Club

Hosted by Kade McNamara - Running Club is a physical education club, all students from PP through to year 6 are all encouraged to participate every week. Running club is held from 7:45am- 8:15am. We do ask that students do not come before 7:45 as there is no staff supervision before then. In running club, every student receives a QR code with their details that they carry with them while running. When they complete a lap, they get their QR code scanned by an iPad which records their progress. At every running club we have a board where students can check on their progress of how many laps they have done since they joined the club. We love to create a fun atmosphere with music playing throughout the session and we also create an obstacle course for those students who are tired or just want to have a break from running laps.

Ukulele Club (lunchtime)

Hosted by Amy Jones - Ukulele Club is a brand-new club for students in years 3-6 who would like to learn how to play the Ukulele. For practical purposes, this club is going to be limited to 15 members and priority will be given to older students.

Before School Clubs - Running Club.
Before School Clubs - Ukulele


34 Lockway St, Southern River W.A 6110


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