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Harmony Day

During Harmony Day we focus on the general capabilities curriculum and our students learn to share and embrace each other's unique backgrounds through fun and engaging whole school activities. Students are encouraged to dress in orange, yellow or traditional dress. 


The fun and engaging activities organised during Harmony Day create a positive and enjoyable learning environment for students, encouraging active participation and mutual respect. The general capabilities curriculum allows us to focus on sharing and celebrating diversity and helps create a sense of belonging within the school community.

Southern Grove Primary - Harmony Week Cookbook

Southern Grove Primary School Cookbook front cover

Our school community has come together to share a variety of cuisines that celebrate harmony among us.

Through food, we are able to connect, appreciate different cultures, and foster a sense of unity and diversity within our community. 

Let’s continue to cherish these moments of togetherness and continue to celebrate the richness of our cultural backgrounds.

Cooking together is a wonderful way to bond with loved ones and create lasting memories. 
Enjoying a delicious meal that was made together adds an extra special touch to the time spent together.


A PDF copy of our Harmony Week Cookbook is available to download here.

A hard copy of our Harmony Week Cookbook is available to view at the Front Office.

Southern Grove Primary School would like to give thanks to Officeworks Canning Vale for their generosity in printing copies of this booklet for our school.


If you are interested in having a professionally printed copy, please register your interest below. 


34 Lockway St, Southern River W.A 6110


08 9234 7700



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