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Rizza Camprag

My position on the school board is a parent representative. I have 3 children attending Southern Grove. My daughters were the foundation students since the opening of the school in 2018.

I have a keen interest in my children’s learning journey and have found myself attending most P&C meetings and volunteering since its inception in 2018. In 2019 I took on the role of Fundraising Coordinator. I learnt so much during this time and have a great respect for our school community.

My husband and I own 2 businesses in the cake and coffee business. We have been running both business for over 10 years. We bring with us a background of hospitality, accountancy, travel, tourism and business ideas to the board, I strongly believe that the parent community plays a big role in the successful outcomes of a school and my goal as a Board Member is to help nurture and facilitate this relationship to strive for the best possible education experience for our children.

I chose to become a member because I wanted a better understanding and broaden my knowledge on how the school processes and reach decisions based on the best interest of all the students and staff at Southern Grove Primary. I’m also very passionate about diversity being of a mixed ethnic background myself. I believe each student and their families have something special to contribute to the school culture and growth as a community.

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