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Aaron Berghuber

I’m a father to Evie and husband to Marissa and value family above everything. I’ve lived in
Southern River since 2012 and I was appointed to the School Board in 2020 as a parent member.

Marissa and I have been very impressed with the implementation of the personalised, evidence
focused Walker learning approach and seeing Evie’s creativity and curiosity nurtured and valued. I
knew I had to contribute and my task is to help the leadership team fulfil the vision of the school
through effective governance, assisting with the business plan, policies, monitoring performance and
working with the Department of Education to make the school the best it can be and give our
children the best start in life.

In my daily life I work for the Fiona Wood Foundation at Fiona Stanley Hospital and Perth Children’s
Hospital where I work with clinicians and researchers to deliver the best outcomes for our patients. I
do this through implementing strategic technology in data visualisation, wearables, mobile and AI,
with an emphasis on building capability within WA Health. My current focus is utilising mobile
technology to reduce the cognitive load on clinicians, getting them off the computers and back in
front of patients.

I have completed a BSc in Information Systems Development at Murdoch University, MBA at UWA
and I’m a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.
In my spare time, you’ll find me playing and restoring pinball machines and cooking American
BBQ in my backyard!

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