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Our Staff

Our team of high quality teachers and support staff are dedicated to building positive relationships with all students to ensure they are able to achieve their personal best.  Our staff work hard to create dynamic, student centred indoor and outdoor learning environments and implement evidence-based teaching and learning programs to ensure success for all students.


Rebecca Burns

Deputy Principals

Evan Willey
Suzanne Garland
Manager Corporate Services

Nadine Scott

School Officers

Chelsea Regan
Susan Phillips 

Nicole Spicer


Tracey Crossman

Learning Support Coordinator

Catherine Bryant

Literacy Consultant

Jennifer Forster

Numeracy Coach

Krystal Coldham

Classroom Teachers

Terrie Don

Leila Earl

Sharon Mills

Carol Armstrong

Tahlia Collins

Karen Glassby

Sue Davies

Leah Hardman

Jess Williams

Kade McNamara
Shannon Avent

Owen McGarr

Krystal Coldham

Huda Franulic

Christine Marcelli

Mia Evangelellis

Rachel  Renton

Adrienne Gardiner

Lynne Hall

Amy Jones
Jess Phelps

Tracey Coleman

Patrizia McCormack

Sarah Bell

Natalie Bird

Melissa Lionnet

Kayla Cunnold

Kerry Mazzotti

Kirtana Sekaran

Education Assistants

Janelle Stone

Brooke Michael

Michelle Rowe

Naomi York

Robyn Milne

Ambika Soni

Tanya Francis

Sarah McIntyre

Lauren Keep

Maya Thomas

Jane Trowl

Kate Woodwards

Jarman DaSilva

Alison Barry

Claire Needle

Kylee Praed

Jodie Pettigrew

Zal Murcan

Bianca Nash

Bec Denson


Liza Hunt
Yvette House
Jackie McConville
Maria Barber


Mark Matison



34 Lockway St, Southern River W.A 6110


08 9234 7700



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