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Matt Smith

Joining the School Board is my way of connecting to our school community and the local community in general. I feel that having an active role in my son’s primary school experience is something that will positively benefit all of our family and hopefully the wider school.


I work as a hazmat consultant and have surveyed over 250 schools in the state for the asbestos identification and eradication programs. I love visiting primary schools in particular as they are always positive & happy environments.


I bring different experience levels as a small business director/owner, operations management, event management and organising committees within previous work roles and sporting clubs. Roles I have had include the 90 & 100 year Leeming Spartan Cricket Club gala balls organising committees, steering and consultative committee for major retail group and sales and marketing background for a multi-national corporation.


I am a single parent to 2 boys, Taylor who is here in year one and Lucas in year nine. I have the boys 50% of the time and am constantly learning from them and trying hard teaching at the same time. I like to play golf as often as I can, and sporadically practice at becoming the worlds most mediocre guitarist.

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