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Emma Wolfe

I’m a very determined and self-driven person, I’m caring and always fight for what believe in and care for.

My husband Daniel and I moved from Melbourne 20 years ago both young then and wanting a new adventure together. We then 9 years later started a family that grew over the next 9 years, we now have 6 kids aged 3 up to 11 years. Our kids are our world, 3 with special needs that keep us on our toes. Life is fast passed and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I nominated for school board as I believe being a parent with kids across many years at Southern Grove, with more to still come, I have a broad knowledge of what happens in the different years. I also have a special interest in helping with the special needs area to help getting the resources and knowledge that a lot of parents don’t have or know about.

Professionally I’ve working in a few different areas dental nursing for 14 years, this then moved into managing 2 of the dental practices. I then had time off with my first 3 kids, then studied from home to gain registration in Real Estate Sales where I had 3 very amazing years before having the next 3 kids. Having 6 kids at home has made working difficult, so we turned a home hobby into a business and now have a 3D Printing business.

My social / hobby life is limited with 6 young kids but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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