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Sravani Mukkisa

I am the proud mother of two boys who embarked on their educational journey at Southern Grove in 2019. I am absolutely delighted with our decision to choose this school, as it has provided them with a strong and solid foundation for their early development.

Both my husband and I are engineering graduates who hold a deep appreciation for the value of play-based learning. We firmly believe in fostering curiosity and allowing children to develop at their own unique pace during the formative years of their lives. When I discovered the school's walker learning approach and witnessed the positive impact it had on my children's development, I felt a great sense of satisfaction. This inspired me to join the school board for two distinct reasons.


Firstly, I wanted to expand my understanding of the school's processes, important programs, policies, and budgets involved. Secondly, I wanted to give back by actively contributing to the governance of policies, continuous improvement efforts, and generating interest in the school within both our local and broader community.

In my professional life, I currently hold the position of Reliability Superintendent at a chemical processing plant located in Kwinana. My role involves overseeing a team of skilled mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation engineers and technicians. Our collective objective is to ensure the safe and efficient operations of the plant by maintaining and continuously improving the reliability of the equipment. What truly excites me in my work is the utilization of cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to achieve our goals. It is in these areas that I find the most enjoyment and fulfillment.

In terms of my educational background, I hold a master's degree in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University, USA. Additionally, I have also acquired a certificate in Business Management and Project Management, enhancing my skills in these areas.

During my leisure time, I find joy in two activities. First and foremost, I relish spending quality time playing with my children, cherishing those precious moments of family bonding. Secondly, I enjoy baking, where I can channel my creativity and create delicious treats.

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