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Chrissy Marcelli 

Level 3 Classroom Teacher

I have been teaching in primary schools for seventeen years, Unit Coordinator and Lecturer for Curtin University for thirteen years and I was in Human Service Management before that, Coordinating the South-West branch of the Stroke Support Service in Victoria, Opportunities South with the Cerebral Palsy Association and Home and Community Care in Narrogin.

I aspire to be a great teacher to help students enjoy learning as much as I do and to support students with their individual learning needs. I enjoy working with families and community members to enrich the school community.

I have enjoyed a wide variety of teaching posts in the country and metropolitan areas, from Performing Arts Specialist and Literacy Specialist roles to teaching in all year groups from Kindergarten to Year 7!

If you need any support, I am working with the Year 3-4 class this year in LE9 so feel free to say Hi!

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